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The CSUF Center for Healthy Neighborhoods offers a wide range of education and health services designed to improve your overall well-being. Programs and services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of students, faculty, and staff who understand the norms and values of diverse cultures. All services are offered in English and Spanish. Currently, we offer:

Arts for Kids Program. This program provides hands-on lessons is construction crafts and visual arts. All ages are welcome.

For more information, contact
Andy Judd - af26934@yahoo.com  
Marsha Judd - mjudd@Exchange.FULLERTON.EDU

Career Planning and Development Program.
Art ProgramWe offer a variety of free classes to develop work related skills and college readiness services for adults, including literacy and computer classes. In addition, we provide career counseling.

Case Management & Referrals
Our case managers can help you cope with complicated health or medical situations by connecting you to helpful sources or advocating on your behalf.

Your mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as your physical health. We provide a safe and confidential space for individuals, families, and couples to discuss and overcome life’s challenges.

Fitness Courses
High-energy exercise classes can help you reach your fitness goals.  

Health Promotion Programs
CounselingLearn about healthy food choices, stress management, and other positive behaviors that can help make constructive changes in your life. 

Health Screening and Assessments
Nurses and other healthcare practitioners will periodically offer a variety of screenings and assessments to help track your health and determine services needed.

REACH Program

TutoringREACH Program
The goal of REACH (Reflective Educational Approach to Character and Health) is to teach physical education through a positive youth development program in an after-school setting. The program aims to help students be physically active through the sport of soccer and learn essential skills necessary to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the future. The REACH-Fullerton curriculum integrates literacy concepts and skills aligned to CCSS for ELA through reflective writing, reading, listening, and speaking experiences within a physical education program.  In addition, we teach fitness concepts as well as devote much of our instruction to character development. For more information,  contact Risto Marttinen (rmarttinen@fullerton.edu)

Resilient Families Program
Healthy families are connected families. The Resilient Families Program provides parent workshops that teach stress management, parent-child bonding, and positive parent skills. Children also participate in workshops designed especially for them. Free childcare is available for families with children under 3 years of age.

Youth Programs
Our youth programs help adolescents and teens reach their full potential. After school tutoring, computer training, and college readiness programs are led by graduate students at Cal State Fullerton, who also serve as mentors.

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